Nice to meet you

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. My name is Leona Scott, and I started this blog, Scott Ink, as a way to slow down the fast-paced life of families today and concentrate on savoring the everyday moments. Like enjoying a meal around the dinner table. Doing a simple craft that allows us to tinker with our hands. Studying a Bible verse for daily inspiration and application. Or just watching a favorite movie or playing a game. I believe that time is the most precious of resources that God gave us and it is finite.

Starting this blog is a way to keep me accountable, too. You see, I’m a  classic type A, action-oriented person who is most happy getting things accomplished and checking off an endless list of “To Dos.” Scott Ink is a way for me to stop and savor those special moments with family.

Sloooow down time

If your family is like ours, we cannot believe how quickly each day is passing. I started this blog as a way to make family time count. Scott Ink began during a season in my life when our oldest daughter was embarking on her middle school years. I wanted greater flexibility with my schedule and time so that I could be more accessible to her and our other two daughters. So I left my full-time job to become an independent contractor and start my company. Alongside my career goals, I had always wanted to start a blog to have a creative outlet and share the special journeys that so many of us share as mothers and women.

Goal of Scott Ink

Scott Ink is a way to share ideas and be a source of inspiration for other families to join us in savoring the everyday moments as we build our families and homes. One day, we can hopefully look back with no regrets and be content that we did make the most of the time we had.

Follow along!

Our family invites you to join us as we make family time count. We look forward to sharing some of our favorite recipes, activities and everyday moments with you so that we can grow and share in this great journey of family life together. From time to time, my husband, Robert, will be joining us here on the blog, along with our daughters, to share hobbies, crafts and other ideas. We want Scott Ink to be as much about our family as yours. So please share your journeys and comments with us. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you come back soon.

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