Proverb a Day: Day 3

Grapevine Botanical Garden, Grapevine, Texas


Lately I’ve been depending on my “own understanding” instead of depending on the Lord’s. I love these verses because they are a constant reminder to lean on God’s understanding and not mine.

When I lean on my understanding, the following inevitably happens:

I stumble and fall instead of “running in the paths of God’s commands” as the Psalmist so perfectly describes in 119:32.

I see my problems as bigger than God instead of seeing God as bigger than the giants I face.  Don’t forget that out of the 12 spies who surveyed the promised land (Numbers 13), only two – Joshua & Caleb – saw God bigger than the giants who inhabited the land. As a result, they were the only ones from their generation who lived to see and enjoy the promised land as a reward for their faithfulness.

I worry about things I can’t control instead of just trusting and obeying Him, which requires complete surrender on my part.

I rely on my weak inabilities instead of relying on God’s powerful abilities.

I take paths that lead me away from God instead of walking in His ways that lead me to Him.

I live in chaos instead of peaceful abandon to His will, plan and purpose for my life.

If I rely on God’s understanding and not mine, it’s a much more peace-filled path that encourages me to trust in Him more.

I’m curious: What are some ways you lean on your own understanding?

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Author: Leona Scott

Leona Scott is a writer and journalist. She is inspired by her faith, family and home life. She started Scott Ink as a way to share in the journey of nurturing modern families with a focus on the simple things and a return to old-fashioned goodness. She is mom to three amazing daughters who inspire (and challenge) her daily. Another one of her greatest blessings is her husband, Robert, who is her biggest fan, sounding board and partner. As a small business owner and full-time working mom, she strives for balance and simplicity daily amidst the chaos.