Intentional Advent: Day 23

As the fourth candle is lit on the Advent Wreaths and people make the procession to church this Christmas Eve, the Advent theme is LOVE.

With all the busyness that comes with Christmas, it’s easy to overlook that Jesus became flesh!

I came across these words of Billy Graham’s:

“The prophets wrote of it, the Psalmists sang of it, the apostles rejoiced and built their hopes on it, and the Epistles are filled with it. Christ’s coming in the flesh – His invading the world, His identifying Himself with sinful men and women – is the most significant fact of history.”

I can’t think of a better definition of LOVE than Christ coming to earth to give his life for ours! No gift can compare!

May you embrace the LOVE of our Lord and spread His LOVE to those around you this Christmas.

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