Proverb a Day: Day 3

Grapevine Botanical Garden, Grapevine, Texas


Lately I’ve been depending on my “own understanding” instead of depending on the Lord’s. I love these verses because they are a constant reminder to lean on God’s understanding and not mine.

When I lean on my understanding, the following inevitably happens:

I stumble and fall instead of “running in the paths of God’s commands” as the Psalmist so perfectly describes in 119:32.

I see my problems as bigger than God instead of seeing God as bigger than the giants I face.  Don’t forget that out of the 12 spies who surveyed the promised land (Numbers 13), only two – Joshua & Caleb – saw God bigger than the giants who inhabited the land. As a result, they were the only ones from their generation who lived to see and enjoy the promised land as a reward for their faithfulness.

I worry about things I can’t control instead of just trusting and obeying Him, which requires complete surrender on my part.

I rely on my weak inabilities instead of relying on God’s powerful abilities.

I take paths that lead me away from God instead of walking in His ways that lead me to Him.

I live in chaos instead of peaceful abandon to His will, plan and purpose for my life.

If I rely on God’s understanding and not mine, it’s a much more peace-filled path that encourages me to trust in Him more.

I’m curious: What are some ways you lean on your own understanding?

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