Proverb a Day: Day 11


Today’s Proverb is so rich with wisdom. And there are so many examples to draw from for everyday life. I remember my mom would tell me stories about her mom buying grains or rice in India when she was young. She recalled how the merchants would cheat their customers by adding small stones and rocks to weigh down the goods so they were really getting less. 

This verse is also a very real application for myself. When I started a new schedule with my business about a year ago, I had to keep track of hours. When I totaled up the hours for the first time, I realized I had come up short by several hours (probably because I had forgotten to write down my hours). But it was important for me to do the right thing so I worked those extra hours to make up the deficit. So for me, this verse is about accountability in doing the right thing and putting in an honest day’s work.

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