Intentional Advent: Day 21

One of our favorite family holiday traditions is to watch The Nativity, a movie that beautifully portrays the miraculous birth of Jesus.

As the scenes unfolded last night, the girls bombarded us with questions:

“Why was Herod so evil?”

“Why did so many babies have to be killed [after Herod found out the wise men didn’t tell him where Jesus was?]”

“How many angels are good, and how many are bad?”

Yet, what they didn’t ask are questions about who Jesus is.

From their earliest years, when chubby, tiny fingers first played with the Fisher-Price nativity set, they recognized the significance of “baby Jesus.” With each passing year, their understanding deepened—Jesus, God’s only son, was sent to redeem us from our sins, the ultimate gift to those who believe in Him.

Priya, our December-born, was posing the most profound questions. Sharing her birthday month with Christmas, we never miss the opportunity to remind her she is the best Christmas present. However, their shared understanding of who “baby Jesus” is, fills my heart with gratitude that, beyond the joy of earthly celebrations, Jesus remains the most extraordinary gift.

Does your family have a holiday tradition that keeps your focus on “baby Jesus?”

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