Intentional Advent: Day 18

Throughout Advent, you may have more and more gifts accumulating under your tree as you prepare to give gifts to others. This got me thinking. So many things can come to mind when we think of gifts. I’ve listed a few here:

• Jesus was the greatest gift given by God our Father.

• We give gifts to show our love and appreciation to others.

• Pretty packaging doesn’t really give any indication of what’s inside.

• Sometimes, we receive gifts we are excited about; other times, we are not so excited. (My boys know they will get underwear and socks every year. Are they excited to receive them? No. Do they need them? Yes.)

• Sometimes, we can enjoy giving the gift more than the receiver likes receiving it.

* Is a gift truly a gift if it is not received?

All of these can apply in some way or another to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, the giver of life eternal.

What lesson can you find for yourself in the gifts under your tree?

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