6 Ways to Encourage Someone Who is on Your Heart

Recently, a friend told me how she was struggling with something in her life. 

She wanted to reach out to someone to discuss her struggle with but didn’t know who. 

Out of the blue, she received a text from a friend sharing a sermon she thought my friend might enjoy. That opened the door for my friend to call this person to discuss her struggle.

Afterward, she felt so relieved and realized she was taking her situation much too seriously and she needed to lighten up. 

Isn’t that what friends are for?

They give us a perspective and a new frame of reference. Sometimes we get stuck in our way of thinking, which can be one-dimensional, negative and so discouraging that we can spiral into a depressing place in our head.

Have you been there? I know that I have countless times. My friend’s story was just a reminder of how much we need each other and how God places people in our lives to love and encourage one another. 

For those of us who are believers in Christ, trust the Holy Spirit’s leading when it brings to mind people you haven’t thought about. 

Reach out and touch them. Here are six simple yet meaningful ways to encourage each other:

  • Send a text with an encouraging note or even a verse. Same for email.
  • Give them a call. Text them first to see if they are up for it.
  • Send an audio message. Hearing someone’s voice is so powerful. I’ve received the most beautiful prayers through audio recordings that have uplifted and encouraged me. You can save them too and listen to them later.
  • Send them a short video telling them how much you love or appreciate them.
  • Mail them a card or a handwritten note. A good friend of mine calls this her “greeting card ministry.” Snail mail is always such a delightful surprise.
  • Get creative and use your imagination.

Thanks to technology, the digital world, and our creativity, there are endless ways we can encourage others when they come to mind. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out when someone comes to mind … and your heart!