Proverb a Day: Day 26

Read Proverbs 26

Usually our oldest sleeps in, but one morning she was up early, and we talked about how this verse is going to guide her well through the junior high years (!) Personally, I’ve had to relearn this verse over and over again.

Gossip is an easy trap to fall into and once you fall, it’s easier to slide further and further. And the serious harm that it can do to others or even yourself is not worth it. Don’t know about you, but I always feel slimy and miserable after a “juicy” gossip session and get convicted every time. A good daily prayer that Mary Whelchel, founder of The Christian Working Woman ministries, advises is to pray Psalm 141:6 daily: Keep a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.

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Author: Leona Scott

Leona Scott is a writer and journalist. She is inspired by her faith, family and home life. She started Scott Ink as a way to share in the journey of nurturing modern families with a focus on the simple things and a return to old-fashioned goodness. She is mom to three amazing daughters who inspire (and challenge) her daily. Another one of her greatest blessings is her husband, Robert, who is her biggest fan, sounding board and partner. As a small business owner and full-time working mom, she strives for balance and simplicity daily amidst the chaos.