Day 9: Kitchen love challenge

Clean under your refrigerator and stove as well as you can

This is The Challenge that my husband looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that we needed to pull out our appliances and clean underneath them. The look on his face told me that we wouldn’t be pulling out any appliances. 😉

So I got underneath the stove and fridge as best as I could to sweep any debris and crumbs. As one of my friends who was doing the challenge with me commented, “I still know there is a vitamin graveyard under there but what I can’t see won’t hurt me!”

Tried to get my little sweeper as far down underneath the fridge as I could. Did the same for the stove by pulling out the warming drawer and cleaning underneath there as well.

Couldn’t agree more. So, with this challenge as well as a few others, I did my best. And at the end of a long day, that should be good enough. Who’s with me on that?!

NEXT CHALLENGE: Clean the windows and wipe down the sills.

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Author: Leona Scott

Leona Scott is a writer and journalist. She is inspired by her faith, family and home life. She started Scott Ink as a way to share in the journey of nurturing modern families with a focus on the simple things and a return to old-fashioned goodness. She is mom to three amazing daughters who inspire (and challenge) her daily. Another one of her greatest blessings is her husband, Robert, who is her biggest fan, sounding board and partner. As a small business owner and full-time working mom, she strives for balance and simplicity daily amidst the chaos.

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