Day 4: Kitchen love challenge

Clean out refrigerator and organize freezer

The biggest lesson I learned during this challenge is to not plan such a time-consuming challenge on a weeknight (and a Monday at that!).

I think it’s common sense, but I took out all of the dairy and meat products last as I emptied the fridge to clean it. Thankfully, I had cleaned out my crisper bins recently so that speeded up the process.

I used hot water and baking soda to wipe down the shelves since that is food-safe. I forgot to capture a picture of the inside of my fridge before so here’s the after.

To me, one of the greatest kitchen joys is to see a clean fridge. Next to that is my freezer …
It had been a loooong time since I cleaned out my freezer. So I found this part of the challenge even more helpful than the fridge. Also made a note of all the frozen foods and veggies for future meals.

Just curious: How often do you clean out your freezer?

NEXT CHALLENGE: Dust and polish the cabinet fronts and wipe down your range hood.

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Author: Leona Scott

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