Proverb a Day: Day 26

Read Proverbs 26

Usually our oldest sleeps in, but one morning she was up early, and we talked about how this verse is going to guide her well through the junior high years (!) Personally, I’ve had to relearn this verse over and over again.

Gossip is an easy trap to fall into and once you fall, it’s easier to slide further and further. And the serious harm that it can do to others or even yourself is not worth it. Don’t know about you, but I always feel slimy and miserable after a “juicy” gossip session and get convicted every time. A good daily prayer that Mary Whelchel, founder of The Christian Working Woman ministries, advises is to pray Psalm 141:6 daily: Keep a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.

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Proverb a Day: Day 25

Read Proverbs 25

Proverbs 25 is rich with wisdom about choosing your words carefully. This fall, Robert and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage. I wish I had applied this verse more during the early years of our marriage. I think it would have made some challenging days a little more bearable and not as quarrelsome.

Every time I re-read this verse, I always get convicted … do my words drive my husband away so much that he would want to live on the corner of a roof? I think Robert would be the first to admit that he would never want to climb any roofs (!) but I’m pretty sure that there were days he wanted to. Ouch. I intentionally picked this picture because this house has a pretty steep roof and for a wife to drive her husband away to it, would take some pretty persistent nagging. Thank you, God, for a point well made.

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Proverb a Day: Day 24

Read Proverbs 24

To all of my friends who have given me an honest answer when I needed one, I thank you! This is the Good News Translation but I think the NIV has a beautiful translation as well: “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.” In Biblical times, a kiss was a sign of true friendship, and my Bible commentary has this to add: “Those who genuinely love others will be honest with them; their lips will speak truth for their benefit and enrichment.”

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Proverb a Day: Day 23

Read Proverbs 23

I think we all know a person or two or three or more who have been affected by alcoholism or excessive drinking and it’s taken a toll. As we navigate the teen years with our oldest, I am very conscientious of drinking and teaching her the right attitude towards alcohol and the serious consequences of excessive drinking.

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Proverb a Day: Day 22

Read Proverbs 22

My mother-in-law grew up in the projects in Shreveport, Louisiana as one of seven kids. She remembers plenty of times when strangers dropped off Thanksgiving dinner or other meals on their doorsteps.

Now, each fall when she returns to her hometown, she gets together with her siblings to pay it forward. They visit the same projects where they used to live and bless the family living there with a bounty of food.

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